History of TSPLOST

Background on TSPLOST

During the 2016 Legislative Session, the Georgia Legislature passed Senate Bill 369 (SB 369) authorizing counties to consider a Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for transportation purposes (TSPLOST). On November 8, 2016, Fulton County residents voted to approve a 0.75-cent sales tax for transportation purposes. The funding is to be generated from within Fulton County, outside of the City of Atlanta. The City of Atlanta voted independently on transportation and/or transit funding within the City’s limits.
The sales tax started on April 1, 2017, will last no more than 5 years, and end on March 30, 2022 or when the maximum amount of $655 million is reached. Funding from this initiative can be spent only on transportation improvements, such as roads, bridges, sidewalks, bicycle paths, and other transportation-related purposes included in the legislation.
Additionally, a Citizen’s Oversight Council, comprised of an appointed individual from each city, has been created that will be tasked with overseeing the program’s progress and implementation.
Each City within Fulton County is solely responsible for managing and implementing their approved project list. Fulton County will initially manage the approved projects within unincorporated Fulton County and the City of South Fulton.