Human Resources Management

Department Information
Phone: 404-613-6700 | Address: 141 Pryor St SW #3030, Atlanta, GA 30303
Kenneth Hermon, Director
The Human Resources Department administers a centralized merit system for the entire County in accordance with established laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures. It provides personnel administration and support for all County departments.  
Activities in Human Resources include centralized recruitment, examination and certification for all departments. The department also conducts a wide variety of personnel transactions, such as wage and salary administration, appointments, promotions, transfers, separations, leaves of absence and many other functions involving personnel administration and management.
The department prepares, maintains and secures a wide variety of personnel records, rosters, tests and action documents pertaining to all County employees. It also recommends appropriate classes and salary ranges for new or reclassified positions and prepares, publishes, administers and maintains a County-wide Pay Schedule and Compensation Plan.  

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Percent of complete employment verification requests within 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays
Why is this important: The employment verification performance measure provides an indication of responsiveness relative to this service that is provided to current and previous employees.

Description: Number of grievances heard by the Grievance Review Committee within an average of 60 business days of receipt
Why is this important: It has a direct impact on employee morale and efficiency.

Description: Percentage of trainees who report that the quality of the training experience was excellent or very good
Why is this important: Training assesses the degree to which attendees acquire knowledge and skills and validates that learning has occurred. Opportunities for acquiring knowledge and skill building typically result in increased employee efficiency and effectiveness that subsequently impact organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Training creates opportunities for employees growth and development within their current roles and in preparation for future roles. This KPI supports Strategic Priority Area Six and departmental objectives relative to customer service, employee morale and employee engagement.

Description: Average business days from the requisition approval date to the release of the register to hiring departments
Why is this important: This measure the efficiency in referring registers to the hiring departments.

Description: Percentage of payroll checks that are accurate
Why is this important: The Civil Service Act requires Human Resources to run accurate payroll and to certify the accuracy of the payroll. This KPI and the 99% accuracy target ensures that Human Resources is compliant with its fiduciary responsibility. The KPI is aligned with Strategic Priority Area Six and with departmental objectives relative to customer service, employee morale and employee engagement.

Description: Percentage of Fulton County Government classification specifications reviewed
Why is this important: To ensure duties and responsibilities are still in alignment with departmental needs.

Description: Percent of clients satisfied with the support received from the HR Policy Administration Division
Why is this important: To measure level of satisfaction with the customer service provided by the HR Policy Administration Division.

Description: Percent of trainees that exhibit improvement in customer service skill level and performance, as reported by supervisors during Kirkpatrick level 3 evaluations
Why is this important: This measure provides an opportunity for Human Resources to assess the impact training has on employee work skills and performance.