Human Resources Management

About the Department
The Human Resources Department administers a centralized merit system for the entire County in accordance with established laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures. It provides personnel administration and support for all County departments.  
Activities in Human Resources include centralized recruitment, examination and certification for all departments. The department also conducts a wide variety of personnel transactions, such as wage and salary administration, appointments, promotions, transfers, separations, leaves of absence and many other functions involving personnel administration and management.
The department prepares, maintains and secures a wide variety of personnel records, rosters, tests and action documents pertaining to all County employees. It also recommends appropriate classes and salary ranges for new or reclassified positions and prepares, publishes, administers and maintains a County-wide Pay Schedule and Compensation Plan.  

Key Performance Indicators

The Department of Human Resources Management receives employment verification requests from both internal and external clients. Employment verification requests are typically submitted for purposes of financial loans and employment.

This KPI measures the length of time for a grievance to be heard by the Grievance Review Committee. It has a direct impact on employee morale and efficiency.

Percentage of trainees who report that the quality of the training experience was excellent or very good.

This measure tracks the number of average business days it takes to refer a recruitment register (list of eligible candidates) to the hiring department from the date the recruitment requisition is approved by the Finance Department.

We are measuring the accuracy with which the department processes payroll checks. The total number of payroll checks processed includes departmental requests for typed checks because an automated check contained an error(s) or because an automated check was not generated.

This KPI measures the review of classification specifications to ensure duties and responsibilities are still in alignment with departmental needs.

This KPI measures the percentage of internal clients who say they are satisfied with the support received from the HR Policy Administration Division.

The training experience is represented by the formal, ongoing efforts that are made within the organization to improve the performance and self-fulfillment of Fulton County employees. It is a vital part of the role of Human Resources. This measure provides an opportunity for Human Resources to assess the impact training has on employee work skills and performance.