Justice Reinvestment Initiative

Performance Dashboard

Desired Outcome #2: Defendants are detained or released in the most appropriate, risk-informed setting in order to balance public safety, court appearance compliance and cost

Average Jail Population per 100,000 Residents
This chart shows the average monthly jail population per 100,000 county residents. The numbers include the inmate population at all county detention facilities.
Number of Inmates Detained in Jail for More Than 180/365 Days Between Their Arrest and Their Release (or transfer to prison)

This chart shows the number of inmates who had been detained in a Fulton County facility for more than 180 days and for more than 365 days at the time of their release. Numbers are calculated on a monthly basis.

Percentage of Defendants Released on Bond or Pre-trial Supervision Program who Appear at Their Scheduled Court Date (appearance rate)
[Status: A proposal has been made to change this measure to track the percent of individuals who successfully complete the pre-trial supervision program.  That metric is currently reported monthly by Superior Court Administration.]