Justice Reinvestment Initiative

Performance Dashboard

Desired Outcome #3: Individuals who commit criminal acts are held accountable for their offense and do not re-offend once they are back in the community

Percentage of Those Arrested and Released from Jail Who are Rearrested within 12 Months of Release
This chart shows the monthly trend in the percentage of individuals arrested and booked into a County detention facility, released and subsequently arrested and booked again into a County facility within 12 months of the previous release.  The months at the bottom of the chart indicate month of release.  The most recent month shown on this chart will always be about one year ago in order to allow for 12 months to determine re-arrest status.

Tracking of the following performance measures is pending the identification of a reliable data source.
Percentage of Defendants Participating in Accountability Courts or Similar Programs/Calendars who Comply with the Conditions of Their Court Agreement
Percentage of Accountability Court Participants who Do Not Re-offend with 2 Years of Their Release
Percentage of Those Convicted of a Crime who are Rearrested Again within 12 Months of Beginning Their Probation/Re-entry Into the Community