Justice Reinvestment Initiative

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Desired Outcome #4: Individuals with mental illness who interact with the criminal justice system receive humane and appropriate treatment to address their condition and maintain public safety

Jail medical services, including behavioral health services, are provided by a contractor.  The contract was recently awarded to Correct Care Solutions for 2017.  
Percentage of Inmates who Receive Universal Mental Health Screening at Intake 
All individuals currently undergo general health screenings upon intake at the Fulton County jail; however, the screening questionnaire includes only two questions directly related to behavioral health, both specifically aimed at identifying suicidal tendencies.   However, if a mental illness is suggested from observation by the screening nurse, the inmate is sent to the jail clinic for a more detailed assessment.
Percentage of Inmates who Show Improvement for Their Condition’s Outcomes While Receiving Behavioral Health Treatment in Jail
There is currently no system in place for tracking the improvement in the condition of all inmates who receive treatment for a behavioral health issue.
Percentage of Individuals who Appear at their First Appointment with a Behavioral Health Provider Upon Re-entry