Justice Reinvestment Initiative

Performance Dashboard

Desired Outcome #6: The justice system works cost-effectively as it strives to achieve the desired outcomes

Through the use of pre-arrest diversion programs, mental health screenings of inmates in jail (at intake), community and re-entry support, and work towards unification of court management, justice system-wide savings will be noticeable.  In achieving the desired outcomes, an estimated $4 to $8 million in savings will be available for reinvestment as a result of a lower jail population and unified court management.  (Action Plan for the Fulton County Justice Reinvestment Initiative, July 2016, Pg. 3).
An estimate of cost per jail inmate per day is the: average cost per jail inmate-day (total annual cost of jail operations divided by total number of inmate days “consumed” during the year).
An accurate estimate of cost per jail inmate per day should include not only costs directly associated with jail operations and jail employee salaries, but also indirect costs that may or may not fall in the Sheriff's budget such as:
  • employee benefits,
  • inmate healthcare,
  • capital costs,
  • administrative costs,
  • legal judgments and claims, and
  • inmate programming and other costs.

2016 Jail Costs
Program                                               2016 
Jail Detention Officers                       $22,084,932
Jail Operations                                  $29,914,322
Law Enforcement - Transfer              $1,837,765
Union City Lease                               $2,025,000
Medical Services                               $16,213,224
Pension                                             $12,564,323
Total                                                    $84,639,567    
Inmate Days                                      927,849
Cost per Inmate per Day       $91.22

Average Cost per Court Case (total annual cost of court operations divided by number cases disposed in the year)