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Jail Dashboard

The Jail Dashboard provides a statistical look at Fulton County's inmate population, focusing on time trends that may influence the operation of the jail and courts.  Unless otherwise noted, all statistics apply to the population at all facilities in which inmates may be housed: the Main Jail, the Alpharetta Annex, the South Annex, the Marietta Jail and Grady Hospital.

  • Average Jail Population
  • Number of Days Before Release for Inmates with Misdemeanors and Felonies
  • Felony Inmates in Jail over 180 and 365 Days
  • Average Length of Stay
  • Bed Days by Release Type

Average Jail Population

The average jail population is calculated as the average of the daily inmate counts over the course of each month.  The numbers include the inmate population at all county detention facilities.

Note: The numbers in the charts below do not include inmates arrested on municipal charges and detained in the Alpharetta Annex, where the Fulton County Sheriff provides security and supervision over what are typically brief detentions of a day or two.

Number of Bookings and Releases by Month
The chart below shows the number of inmates booked into Fulton County detention facilities in comparison to the number of inmates released each month.  
Number of Days Before Release for Inmates
The two charts below show the number of days inmates charged with only misdemeanor offenses (first chart) and with at least one felony offense (second chart) had spent in jail at the time of their release.  
Inmates Released After 180 and 365 Days

The chart below shows the number of inmates who had spent over 180 and 365 days in jail at the time of their release by month of release.  

Average Length of Stay

Average length of stay is calculated for all inmates released within a given month.  The chart below shows the time trend in average length of stay in days separately for misdemeanor and felony defendants and for all defendants combined. 

Bed Days by Release Type

Bed days represent the total usage of jail beds by inmates.  The number of bed days vary widely by type of inmate as indicated by the type of release.  For example, inmates who are released on a surety bond represent the most common type of inmate but use relatively few bed days because of their short average length of stay. In contrast, inmates who been have convicted of a felony and are released to the state Department of Corrections account for a high proportion of of all bed usage.  The chart below is for the most recent full month.

Hover over the circles to see the release type, total number of releases, average length of stay and total number of bed days.