On the Horizon for Justice & Safety

  • Fully implement the COVID-19 Court Backlog Project to reduce the cases due to the pandemic
  • Improve End-to-End performance of the Justice System by utilization of court standards and technology improvements
  • Operationalize the Justice Diversion Center with cooperation from community partners
  • Transition the County from a COVID-19 response to a Pandemic Readiness and Preparedness protocol
  • Completion of the Jail Feasibility Study
  • Invest and complete construction of a $12M Public Safety Training Center

Priority Area Liaison Messages

“At the most basic level, we all need to feel safe and secure in our daily
lives. We are a society based on the rule of law and the justice system
is designed to deal with those who are charged with the commission
of crimes as well as to resolve civil disputes in court rather than with
violence. The Board of Commissioners works with our justice partners,
many of whom are also elected officials, to provide that security to our
citizens and the resolution of those disputes.”
“We have to work together with our law enforcement brothers and
sisters. But not just to lock up people. We must focus on prevention; and
mentoring young people so that we reduce juvenile delinquency. Where
we have to incarcerate those for wrongdoing, we should do so humanely.
Building a new, high-tech jail will ensure this happens and it will bring real
criminal justice reform, whereby we can focus on rehabilitation and not
just punishment–that is what will reduce the repeat offender rate and thus
keep everyone safe.”

2021-2025 Strategic Objectives

  • Ensure that Fulton County meets or exceeds recognized standards for Safety and Justice functions
  • Ensure that Public Safety engages and supports the most vulnerable of our citizens
  • Deliver a high level of public safety services from the police, medical examiner, sheriff, marshal and animal services departments
  • Work effectively with governments, the private sector, nonprofits, and individual citizens to make our County more resilient to acts of terrorism, cyber attacks, pandemics, and catastrophic natural disasters

Court Backlog

Project Orca’s goal is to eliminate the cases that have accumulated due to the pandemic. Since the beginning of COVID-19, the Fulton County Court System has built a significant/unprecedented case accumulation. To address this accumulation of cases, we have launched a combination of capacity expansions and productivity improvements. This project will be funded by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. There is a separate budget managed by Fulton County Finance Department to ensure funds are being used for COVID 19 related backlog expenses. Project Orca is proposed to be completed by the end of year 2023.
Link to the Court Backlog Page                       Link to Judge Dashboards

Highlighted Topics

Court Performance and Standards
  • Improve End-to-End performance of the Justice System by utilization of data and measurements
  • Continue to improve the efficiencies and operations by additional capacity and improvements in technology
  • Define court standards with the judicial partners that meet national standards and appropriately measure local performance
  • Complete documenting and implementation of court standards by the end of 2023 to strive to ensure no future backlog of court cases
Justice Diversion Center
  • Reduce the number of people with mental illness, substance abuse, and chronic homelessness entering the city and county’s jails
  • Connect clients to services in the community
  • Preserve law enforcement and medical resources
  • Work with the Justice Policy Board on operational model details
  • Estimated opening of the facility in the fall of 2022
Emergency Preparedness
  • Leverage learnings from pandemic response for broader Continuity of Operations plans.
  • Ensure the County has the resources to quickly respond to future variants or pandemics
  • Adjust our response, recovery, mitigation and preparedness strategies to be based on science and data as circumstances change
  • Plan to include a "Whole of Community" approach that will focus on individual level, private sector, and government in a holistic approach
Jail Feasibility
  • Assess the overall needs of the County’s jail services and evaluate the feasibility of a new facility, purchased facility or improvements to the existing facility to address the long term needs of Fulton County. Specific objectives include:
    • Assess space and service needs
    • Present innovative space design and programming options
    • Determine the best location for a facility
    • Provide cost and financing scenarios
  • Target completion date of December 2022
Public Safety Training Center
  • Fulton County PSTC provides academy, live fire and emergency vehicle operation courses for over 60 agencies
  • Bond funding closed for Phase I with a Total Project Budget of $12,250,000
  • Programming indicates a need for approximately 30,000 sf facility
  • Staff is currently in the evaluation of the Project Delivery Methods
  • Target completion date of first quarter of 2023

2021 Achievements

  • Planned and launched Project ORCA to address Court Backlog
  • Transitioned in-person hearings to virtual court to continue operations during pandemic
  • Successfully contained the contraction and spread of COVID- 19 among County inmates at the jail
  • Effectively managed and deployed emergency management operation to address COVID-19 responses
  • Increased transparency of court operations by development and deployment of operational dashboards
  • Successfully transitioned the Fulton County Police Department to focus on heightened building security and enhancements

Area Investment Trends ($)

2022 Budget for Priority Areas and Departments

Priority Area Departmental Key Performance Indicators

The tiles below will take you to the key performance indicators (KPI) for each of the department that fall under this priority area.  These KPI's are reported at the end of each quarter, and the data is updated online in April, July, October, and January.