Juvenile Court

Department Information
Phone: 404-612-4402 | Address: 395 Pryor Street SW Atlanta, GA 30312
Presiding Judge Juliette Scales
About the Department
The mission of Fulton County Juvenile Court is: first, to protect children and the community in matters brought before the court, to rehabilitate children, and to restore families; and second, to create opportunities for the community, partners, and stakeholders to actively engage in this mission.
Juvenile Court serves the residents of Fulton County by hearing all cases involving allegations of dependency of children under the age of 18, children in need of services (CHINS) under the age of 18, and delinquency and traffic violations concerning children under the age of 17. The court is organized by Title 15, Chapter 11 of the Official Code of Georgia. Fulton County Juvenile Court is the largest juvenile court in Georgia.

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Number of volunteers for revenue-neutral programs
Why is this important: Volunteers are essential to Juvenile Court's ability to meet the ever-shifting needs of court-involved youth without relying perpetually larger outlays of funding from Fulton County's general fund. The use of volunteers also allows Juvenile Court to fulfill the community/stakeholder engage portions of its mission.

Description: Percentage of Internal (FCJC Clinicians) Court Ordered Evaluations reports submitted within 45 days after completed interview
Why is this important: To reduce the wait time for mental health reporting and recommendations for planning pursuant to the court's Risk/Need/Response Model.

Description: Percentage of DAIs entered in JCATS within 72 hours of detention
Why is this important: To reduce time juveniles spend in detention which may ultimately lead to reduced recidivism.

Description: Percentage of customers who rated their satisfaction with services as very or extremely satisfied
Why is this important: N/A