Department Information
Gayle Hollomam, Director
The Fulton County Library System serves as a cultural and intellectual center that enriches the community and empowers all residents with essential tools for lifelong learning.

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Percent of satisfied participants with programs and events for all ages
Why is this important: Programs and events are one of the primary ways that the library advances our mission.

Description: Total virtual circulation
Why is this important: Part of the library's mission is to provide access to information for education and enrichment. Providing materials in electronic/digital format offers patrons 24/7 access to library materials. This KPI indicates the level of electronic/digital library usage.

Description: Percentage of citizens' satisfaction with the Library's virtual resources
Why is this important: Virtual Resources are major way that the public interacts with the library. This measure helps connect the publics satisfaction with our offerings.

Description: Overall, I was satisfied with the level of service provided.
Why is this important: This KPI indicates the level of customer satisfaction.

Description: This KPI measures any library card that is not expired and could be a patron card. So Active Library Cards. It is a snapshot due to the nature of the way the user database is stored there is no way to get retrospective numbers.
Why is this important: Active Cardholders is a good surrogate for library utilization within the community.