Magistrate Court

Department Information
Phone: 404-613-9071 | Address: 185 Central Avenue, SW Atlanta, GA 30303
Cassandra Kirk, Chief Magistrate
About the Department 
The Magistrate Court handles a variety of civil and criminal matters.
The Civil Division handles matters such as Abandoned Motor Vehicles, Dispossessory (Landlord-Tenant) Actions, Small Claims, Garnishments, Weddings/Marriages, Personal Property Foreclosure. And, the Criminal Division handles matters such as warrant applications, first appearance hearings, preliminary hearings, and child abandonment warrant applications.

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Percentage open small claim cases
Why is this important: Indicates effective case flow management

Description: Percentage of closed landlord-tenant cases open for more than 365 days
Why is this important: Case flow management

Description: Percentage of Misdemeanor Mental Health Court program graduates
Why is this important: N/A

Description: Percentage of law enforcement satisfied with the amount of time it took to complete your EWI matter
Why is this important: N/A

Description: Percentage of open cases (civil) that have been open for more than one year (the backlog) small claims
Why is this important: This KPI serves as a measure for eliminating backlog cases