William Yates, Chief of Police
About the Department
The mission of the Fulton County Police Department is to preserve life, protect property, and maintain order through a partnership between the department and the citizens.
The Fulton County Police Department is nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA).

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Percentage of report requests completed within 72 hours
Why is this important: Maintaining compliance with the Georgia Open Records statute to promote and foster confidence in Fulton County government.

Description: County buildings are located throughout Fulton County to include but not limited to libraries, mental health facilities, senior centers, tax commissioner offices and multi-purpose buildings. The buildings will be checked routinely by all officers and logged through dispatch                                                                                                                                                                                chart coming soon
Why is this important: The goal of this measurement is to maintain a safe environment for all employees of Fulton County and to ensure citizens are safe. Routine building checks will help deter criminal activity and/or identify criminal activity.

Description: Average number of minutes to respond to dispatched calls
Why is this important: A major function of the department is to serve as a first-responder to emergency calls for service. Establishing an average response time to calls for service ensures that officers are providing police service in a timely manner.

Description: Forensic science increasingly relies on small bits of DNA left at the crime scenes to link criminals to the crimes the commit. It can also be used to identify victims of crimes.                                                                          chart coming soon
Why is this important: Backlogs of unanalyzed DNA samples frequently overwhelm public crime labs. Due to the fact that the GBI lab is understaffed to handle the increasing influx of DNA samples and evidence. They now stopped testing on touch DNA without the suspect’s DNA. Backlogs and a lack of up-to-date technology cause significant delays in the administration of justice. A current goal for FCPD CID is to resubmit cold case evidence in an attempt to identify criminals with incredible accuracy when biological evidence exists.

Description: Cold case homicides are cases that do not have any active leads or leads that have been exhausted. Years later newly developed evidence can lead to the apprehension of a suspect(s).                                                     chart coming soon
Why is this important: Reviewing and closing cold case files will give families the closure that may have not been achieved in the past. The department will continue to build cooperative relations between the community and police. We will attempt to achieve this goal by diligently examining exhausted leads and looking for an avenue to develop new leads by using the most advanced technology used to identify/classify DNA.

Description: Number of citizens complaints against police officers
Why is this important: A responsibility of the department is to maintain the publics confidence, standards of conduct, and rights of employees, identify training needs, and identity areas where policy and procedure need clarification, modification, or updating. Establishing KPIs relative to complaints helps to achieve these goals.

Description: Percentage of customers who indicate their expectations were met when receiving service from the Department.
Why is this important: N/A