Probate Court

Department Information
Phone: 404-613-4070 | Address: 136 Pryor St SW # C230, Atlanta, GA 30303
Kenya Johnson, Probate Court Judge
About the Department
The mission of the Fulton County Probate Court is to work in the best interests of Fulton’s families and futures. The Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction over the following:
• Probate of wills of decedents
• Appointment and removal of administrators and executors of decedents’ estates• Appointment and removal of guardians and/or conservators of minors and adults
• Audit of returns of executors, administrators, and conservators
• Issuance of marriage licenses and weapons carry licenses
• Miscellaneous duties such as issuance of fireworks permits, certificates of residence, and recording of elected officials’ oaths and bonds

Key Performance Indicators

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