Public Defender

Department Information
Phone: 404-612-5200 | Address: 100 Peachtree St, Atlanta, GA 30303
Maurice Kenner, Chief Public Defender
About the Department
The Office of The Public Defender, Atlanta Circuit, ensures all accused indigent defendants are provided with their guaranteed fundamental constitutional rights by providing effective and zealous legal representation. To obtain a public defender, a defendant must apply to and be determined as qualified for such services by filling out an application. Public defenders are free, other than the $50 application fee. 

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Average Cases per Attorney
Why is this important: N/A

Description: Percentage of clients interviewed within 72 hours
Why is this important: Georgia Statue sets the standard for this KPI. All clients are mandated to be interviewed within 72 hours of arrest by Georgia Law. In order for our office to provide effective and zealous representation; we must begin by meeting the guidelines set by this statute.

Description: Percentage of client information entered within 72 hours
Why is this important: In order for our office to begin working on a criminal case; it must be entered into JCATS by our Legal Support. This process enables all divisions: attorney, investigator, alternative sentencing specialist, IT, legal specialist, administrators and legal support to see and work the case. This process also allows us to transfer the electronic case as the actual case moves in Superior Court

Description: Percentage of investigation requests completed within 14 days
Why is this important: In order for our office to have integrity in the process of providing effective and zealous representation to our clients; we must investigate our cases.

Description: Alternative Sentencing and Mitigation Specialist Interview Referrals w/in 14 days
Why is this important: The goal is to measure timely response to the Attorney Referral. Our clients are indigent and often in need of social services. We would like to make certain that their needs are identified timely and addressed immediately.

Description: Percentage of customers who rated their satisfaction with services as very or extremely satisfied
Why is this important: N/A