Public Defender

About the Department
The mission of the Probate Court is to carry out the duties assigned to it under the Constitution and laws of Georgia as a Court of Record. The Judge of the Probate Court makes determinations in all controversies by holding hearings involving estates of decedents and guardianship and/or conservatorship of minors and adults.

Key Performance Indicators

This description is the average number of cases assigned to our office broken down by attorney. To determine the number of cases per attorney; the actual number of open cases for our office is divided by the number 95. The number 95 represents the number of attorneys presently employed by our office.

This measure tracks the percentage of clients of the Fulton County Public Defender who are interviewed within 72 hours. Our office is appointed cases from the First Appearance Calendar. The cases belong to our clients. These clients must be interviewed within 72 hours statutorily. Our Legal Specialists are located at the Jail and are specifically assigned the task of meeting this guideline.

This KPI description is the percentage of client information entered within 72 hours. The entry of the client information in JCATS by our Legal Support is the beginning of the criminal case for our office. JCATS is our internal electronic client database. This is the way our office tracks criminal cases to which we are appointed.

This description is the percentage of Investigation Requests completed within 14 days. Once the criminal case is entered into JCATS (our electronic client database) it is assigned to an attorney. Each attorney is assigned an investigator. The attorney provides an Investigation Request to the investigator. The investigator is now tasked with tracking to ensure that all investigations are complete within 14 days.

The Alternative Sentencing and Mitigation Specialist(s) receive referrals from attorneys. We are seeking that each client referred to an Alternative Sentencing and Mitigation Specialists be interviewed within 14 days of receiving the referral from the attorney.

The customer service survey for the Public Defender department targets external customers that visited the department. The survey is conducted within the department using an online weblink that directs the customers to the department's website. This survey is ongoing and the participants vary.