Public Works

David Clark, Director
The mission of the Public Works Department is to protect the health, safety and welfare of Fulton County's citizens through systematic planning, construction, maintenance and operation of our water and wastewater infrastructure in a sustainable, efficient and environmentally sound manner, as well as contributing to the economies of Fulton County and the region through efficient administration of the Fulton County Executive Airport at Brown Field.
The Fulton County Public Works Department provides drinking water and wastewater services in the North Fulton cities, as well as wastewater services in many of the South Fulton cities.  Use the water and sewer maps below to see if your property is located in Fulton County’s service area.

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Number of aircraft movements (take-offs or landings)
Why is this important: N/A

Description: Total Number of Water Valves and Fire Hydrants located and Exercised
Why is this important: To ensure correct location of water valves and fire hydrants are known for emergency purposes and the ensure their proper operation.

Description: Total Number of Linear Feet of Sanitary Sewer Inspected with CCTV
Why is this important: To ensure that all sanitary collection sewer pipes are in good condition and not subjecct to failures which will lead to spills.

Description: Percentage of customers who indicate their expectations were met when receiving service from the Department.
Why is this important: To provide a measure of the percent of customers who rate their experience with Public Works as extremely or very satisfied or dissatisfied which serves as a barometer of Department's performance.

Description: Number of facility signs manufactured and installed
Why is this important: N/A

Description: This KPI measures sanitary sewers that are cleaned by high pressure water
Why is this important: The sanitary sewer lines are cleaned on a periodic basis to remove grease and debris to reduce sanitary sewer overflows. The objective of the department is to reduce/ eliminate sanitary sewer spills and overflows