Real Estate and Asset Management

About the Department
The Department of Real Estate and Asset Management is responsible for the maintenance of county facilities and grounds, maintenance and repair services for county vehicle fleet and asset management; acquiring, leasing, managing and disposing of county property along with ensuring compliance with landfill closure requirements. 

The scope of services consists of the following:
  • Provide operations and maintenance services to 280+ buildings consisting of over 5 million square feet
  • Provide preventive maintenance/repair services for 1,300 cars, trucks and heavy equipment
  • Provide fuel for approximately 2,100 vehicles and other pieces of light and heavy equipment
  • Coordinate matters related to real estate transactions and management of real property assets
  • Maintain 740 acres of grounds across 138 sites

Key Performance Indicators

This performance measurement assesses the department’s ability to complete capital renovation projects within the approved budget.

This performance measure assesses the department’s ability to complete facility maintenance corrective work orders within the established timeframe.

This industry standard measure assesses the department’s ability to complete facility maintenance preventive maintenance, per manufacturer’s specification.

We are measuring our ability to complete non-major vehicle repairs within the required time frame. This measurement is tied to several business functions, namely delivering timely and efficient vehicle repairs for User Departments. Furthermore, this service is critical to User Department's ability to meet their mission, in particular, Public Safety Departments by having access to safe and reliable vehicles to conduct their day-to-day business.

This KPI measures the percentage of leases completed within 120 days. This KPI typically involves User Departments request for modifications to an existing lease, although there are occasions when a new lease is part of this process. In the instance of new leases, typically, new leases require more time than an existing lease.

The Real Estate and Asset Management department uses the department's own form of survey using an individual software called Maximo. The survey targets internal customers who received services from the department. The survey is ongoing and the number of participants vary.