Senior Services

About the Department
Fulton County Senior Services connects senior adults and their families to  resources that aid and support their goals for active aging, care and self-sufficiency.   
Our comprehensive services support the aging in place with respect, quality and dignity. Through partnerships and contracts with community based organizations, in conjunction with the Older Americans Act Program, we offer an array of evidence based and innovative programs that positively impact the fastest growing population in Fulton County.

Key Performance Indicators

The Department of Senior Services manages four multipurpose interactive senior facilities which serve as focal points in the community. One of the services provided through this program is health and fitness classes. Every quarter, we measure the number of seniors participating in classes based on census levels, capacity and attrition.

Percentage of seniors receiving services in their home that report the services provided help them to continue to live at home.

This KPI will indicate the percentage of minor home repair service recipients indicate that the services helped them to continue to live at home.

This KPI indicates the percentage of caregivers that report the services provided by the Adult Day program helped their loved-one to continue to live at home.

Percentage of external customers that indicate they are satisfied with the services received from the Department of Senior Service.