Senior Services

Department Information
Phone: 404-613-6000
Ladisa Onyiliogwu, Director
The Department of Senior Services connects Fulton County Seniors to the right resources. These resources aid goals for active aging, care, and independence. Our services support aging in place with respect, quality, and dignity. Services provided are through partnerships and contracts with community-based groups. This is in conjunction with the Older Americans Act. 
For information on the Senior Home Repair Program, please visit the Community Development webpage.

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Percentage of participants who report improvement in physical health as a result of the Health and Fitness Land program
Why is this important: Multipurpose programming is established based on the best viable evidence-based models such as the National Wellness Institute (NWI). Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of NWI developed the Six Dimensions of Wellness which focuses on the occupational, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional aspects of individuals. This indicator is a good measure of how the Department performs in promoting physical fitness and aligns with the objective - more vulnerable residents maintain their independence.

Description: Percentage of seniors receiving services in their home that report the services provided help them to continue to live at home.
Why is this important: Aging in place is one of the primary objectives of the senior services program. This indicator will provide the percentage of those served at home that indicate that the services help them to continue to live at home.

Description: Percentage of caregivers that report the services provided by the Adult Day program helped their loved-one to continue to live at home
Why is this important: Aging is place is a primary objective of the Senior Services program. This indicator will provide the percentage of seniors receiving Minor Home Repair services that helped them to continue to live at home.

Description: Percentage of external customers who report their level of satisfaction with customer service
Why is this important: Satisfaction with service provision indicates that the Department's services are meeting the needs of the seniors receiving them.

Description: Increase onsite daily participant attendance numbers (unduplicated) by 5% each quarter for Senior Multipurpose Facilities
Why is this important: Since facilities fully reopened in 2022 after the height of the Covid pandemic, seniors have returned to in-person programming at the Senior Multipurpose Facilities. A comparison of 2022 attendance to pre-Covid attendance demonstrates that there are more seniors to reach out to invite back to the Multipurpose Facilities. A comprehensive and steady outreach campaign will assist in reaching those seniors and support the department’s goal of ensuring seniors maintain their independence by engaging in the community.