About the Department
The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for administration and operation of the Fulton County Jail, providing security for all Courtrooms and Judges, and providing Warrant Service/Civil Process, Special Operations and Investigative Units. The Sheriff also conducts Delinquent Property Tax Sales.

Key Performance Indicators

This measure tracks the percentage of jail inmates participating in literacy and vocational programs in the jail who graduate from the program. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office makes a number of programs available to inmates. The Culinary Arts Program allows inmates to obtain certification to get a job working in a kitchen. Students learn the basics of food preparation, safety guidelines, and meal planning. Other programs teach literacy with an ultimate goal of enabling inmates to earn a GED. Another program pairs inmates with rescued shelter dogs. Inmates have the opportunity to train and bond with their assigned dog with the goal of preparing the dog to pass an obedience test and find a permanent home.

This measure tracks the percentage of detainees at the Fulton County Jail that are released within 24 hours of jail personnel receiving documents requiring their release from custody.

Program Designed to provide civilian citizens with insight into basic law enforcement duties and responsibilities Community Outreach is responsible for developing, implementing and recruiting.