Solicitor General

About the Department
The Office of the Solicitor General, under the leadership of Keith E. Gammage, is to obtain smart, fair and restorative justice by pursuing a holistic, progressive approach to the criminal justice system which emphasizes public safety, criminal justice reform, community education and the fair, efficient resolution of traffic and misdemeanor criminal matters. The duties of the Office of the Solicitor General of the State Court of Fulton County are to investigate, charge, and prosecute misdemeanor violations of Georgia statutes and county ordinances that occur in Fulton County.  The Solicitor General ensures that all persons involved in the criminal process are treated in a courteous and professional manner.

Key Performance Indicators

This KPI measures the percentage of impaired driving and cases involving victims of crime that are entered into the Odyssey Production case management system so that they may be documented and investigated for prosecution. This classification of cases is prioritized as they represent the most dangerous offenses to public safety and victims of crime and abuse. The Solicitor General receives most of it's cases through a 'bind-over' process or 'change in jurisdiction' from a local municipality. The bind-over process is driven by the transfer of information from the municipality to the Solicitor General. Under the Solicitor General's mission to provide smart, fair and restorative justice in prosecuting misdemeanor offenses, a timely investigation of misdemeanor offenses lies on the efficient entering, input and initiation of misdemeanor complaints.

This KPI measures the amount of cases that are being closed out by the Office of the Solicitor general in relation to how many cases were received. This measure documents the timely resolution of misdemeanor offenses, by diversion, official charges, or closed after investigation but prior to officially filing charges.

The customer service survey for the Solicitor General department targets external customers that visited the department. The survey is conducted within the department using an online weblink that directs the customers to the survey. This survey is ongoing and the participants vary.