State Court General

About the Department
The State Court presides over all criminal cases below the grade of felony and tries civil litigation cases, including medical and legal malpractice, wrongful death, serious personal injury, product liability, and breach of contract cases. State Court Judges also adjudicate misdemeanor criminal cases, including simply battery, DUIs, criminal trespass, and traffic citations.

Key Performance Indicators

We are measuring the number of participants in State Court's DUI Court program. Providing criminal accountability and rehabilitation, DUI Court is a post-conviction accountability court that provides addiction treatment to criminal defendants who have multiple DUI convictions.

We are measuring the percentage of the collection of fees based on statute.

The number of outgoing cases as a percentage of the number of incoming cases.

This KPI measures the percentage of customers who indicate their expectations were met when receiving services from the department. Customers are presented with a 5 question survey at the end of their experience in the State Court.