Strategy and Performance Management

Department Information
Address: 141 Pryor Street SW Suite 2045 Atlanta, Georgia 30303 | Email:
Mike Rowicki, Director
Each Fulton County department submits quarterly performance metrics, to demonstrate their ability to deliver services with efficiency and impact, and their ability to meet the goals set in the Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Commissioners. The performance reporting process is managed by the office of Strategy and Performance.

Key Performance Indicators

Description: Percentage of Countywide Initiatives that have project management work plans developed for implementation
Why is this important: A primary function of the Strategy and Performance Management Office is to facilitate the completion of major initiatives by developing work plans to serve as a tool for tracking progress and ensuring that tasks are completed on schedule. The development of complete work plans is critical to the performance of this function.

Description: Percentage of customers who rated their satisfaction with services as very or extremely satisfied.
Why is this important: The success of the Strategy and Performance Management Office rests on a good working relationships between the Office and the County departments. These relationships depend on trust and the believe among departments that the Office is performing its duties satisfactorily.