Strategy and Performance Management

About the Department
Each Fulton County department submits quarterly performance metrics, to demonstrate their ability to deliver services with efficiency and impact, and their ability to meet the goals set in the Strategic Plan adopted by the Board of Commissioners.
The performance reporting process is managed by the office of Strategy and Performance.
Fulton Performance is built on and guided by the County's vision, mission and six priority areas as identified by the Board of Commissioners. 

Key Performance Indicators

The Strategy and Performance Management Office is responsible for managing and developing work plans for major county initiatives. Work plans lay out all of the steps required to successfully complete a plan and identify the people responsible for completing each step along the date by which the step should be completed. This metric tracks the percentage of initiatives for which a work plan has been developed.

This KPI tracks the number of departmental KPIs for which an automated procedure has been developed for the purpose of quarterly reporting. A KPI is considered automated when no manual intervention is required for the KPI result to be entered into the Department KPI Database.

This KPI tracks the number of Fulton County cities who have signed agreements to share data using the ShareFulton (Socrata Connect Government Cloud) platform.

This KPI tracks the number of department management dashboards that have been substantially completed and for which the department head has been given access.

This KPI tracks the satisfaction rate among County employees who regularly interact with the Office. These include primarily department heads and department performance liaisons. The satisfaction rate is determined through a quarterly survey which is emailed to those individuals.