Stone Wall Tell Road at Union Road

The Transportation Division of the Fulton County Department of Public Works has contracted with American Engineers, Inc. to design the operational and safety improvements for the Fieldwood Road at Bench Mark Drive, Rivertown Road at Cedar Grove Road, and Stonewall Tell Road at Union Road intersections. All three projects are funded through TSPLOST and are currently in the conceptual design phase.
County: Fulton
Project: Stonewall Tell Road at Union Road Intersection Improvement Project
Description: Proposed solutions to resolve the safety and operation concerns for this Stonewall Tell Road at Union Road Intersection consist of two alternates. Alternate 1 is to construct a roundabout that is ADA compliance with sidewalks and crosswalks, and will contain lighting. Alternate 2 is to construct a conventional intersection at this location with dedicated left and right turn lanes and provide pedestrian facilities. Alternate 1 is more economical than alternate 2 and right-of-way acquisition is less for alternate 1 as well.
Proposed Design Speed: Stonewall Tell Road–40 mph         Union Road–35-mph
Traffic Data:                 Stonewall Tell Road     Union Road
Current Year (2018):         8,886                            1,213
Design Year (2038):          12,946                          1,767
Construction Time: Approximately 6 months
Approximate Construction Cost: Roundabout-$827,800 Conventional-$979,200
Estimated Right-of-Way: Variable Right-of-way
Roundabout- Number of Parcels=11; Displacements–0 Conventional- Number of Parcels=13; Displacements–0 
Project Schedule: Right-of-Way: FY 2018 Construction: FY 2019

Conceptual Layouts