Objective 3: Deliver a high level of public safety services from the police, medical examiner, sheriff, marshal and animal services departments

Measure: Maintain accreditation targets for service provided by the Public Safety agencies - police, medical examiner, sheriff, marshal, AFCEMA
Measure: Exceeding targeted KPIs for FIB and county building safety - Joe & Tim, Chief Yates(safety)
Measure: Achieving turnaround and animal welfare target for Fulton County Animal Services - Matt K. https://sharefulton.fultoncountyga.gov/stories/s/y542-dukb/
Measure: Achieve targeted staffing/turnover objectives for Sheriff Department - Shoates/Kenneth
https://sharefulton.fultoncountyga.gov/stories/s/2tbk-r2wp - needs to be public and HR dashboard - filter for last 30 days - create script to update for 30 days