Justice & Safety

2024 Strategic Initiatives

2023 Strategic Initiatives

  • Continue Court Backlog Project to process cases impacted by the pandemic and eliminate backlog by 2024
  • Improve End-to-End performance of the Justice System by utilization of upgraded processes, technology, and results reporting
  • Operationalize the full use of the Atlanta Detention Center to help reduce overcrowding within the jails
  • Support the public safety agencies in the start-up of the Justice Diversion Center
  • Complete the Jail Feasibility Study refinement of cost and space planning for new facility, and funding models
  • Invest and complete the construction of a Public Safety Training Center
  • Complete the construction of a “State of the Art” Animal Shelter and open for operations
  • Complete the Continuity of Services planning and programming for emergency situations to ensure services are provided to the citizens and government continuity

2022 Strategic Initiatives 

  • Fully implement the COVID-19 Court Backlog Project to reduce the cases due to the pandemic
  • Improve End-to-End performance of the Justice System by utilization of court standards and technology improvements
  • Operationalize the Justice Diversion Center with cooperation from community partners
  • Transition the County from a COVID-19 response to a Pandemic Readiness and Preparedness protocol
  • Completion of the Jail Feasibility Study
  • Invest and complete construction of a $12M Public Safety Training Center

2021 Strategic Initiatives

  • Implement recommendations to improve end-to-end performance of Fulton County Justice System
  • Continue progress on the results of the Mental Health Task Force Study and implementation of the Stepping Up Initiative
  • Continuing the Implementation of the Physical Security Initiative which provides equipment, surveillance, patrol and other security services to Fulton County owned facilities
  • Invest $10M in the Justice of the Future, multi-year technology enhancement program
  • Invest $9M to construct public safety training and evidence facility
  • Implement the COVID-19 court backlog project to reduce cases from the pandemic

2019 Strategic Initiatives

  • Launch planning and design of a new Animal Control Shelter/Facility
  • Implement a comprehensive Physical Security Plan for county facilities
  • Invest in Behavioral Health capabilities for the Justice System to implement Mental Health Task Force Recommendations
  • Add permanent positions in Justice System to move towards ABA standards
  • Invest in Pre-Arrest Diversion programs to alleviate jail population growth

2018 Strategic Initiatives

  • Investment in the justice system will continue to be a priority in 2018 with an investment of $5.5 million and a refocus on four specific outcomes. 
  • The justice system will evaluate existing programs to develop a robust, measurable, criminal diversion effort.
  • More prosecution resources will be available to improve misdemeanor intake processes and reduce backlogs.