Justice & Safety

2021 Strategic Initiatives

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2019 Strategic Initiatives

  • Launch planning and design of a new Animal Control Shelter/Facility
  • Implement a comprehensive Physical Security Plan for county facilities
  • Invest in Behavioral Health capabilities for the Justice System to implement Mental Health Task Force Recommendations
  • Add permanent positions in Justice System to move towards ABA standards
  • Invest in Pre-Arrest Diversion programs to alleviate jail population growth

2018 Strategic Initiatives

  • Investment in the justice system will continue to be a priority in 2018 with an investment of $5.5 million and a refocus on four specific outcomes. 
  • The justice system will evaluate existing programs to develop a robust, measurable, criminal diversion effort.
  • More prosecution resources will be available to improve misdemeanor intake processes and reduce backlogs. 

2017 Accomplishments

  • Created 250 summer jobs for youth at risk.
  • Invested $500K in juvenile crime prevention. 

Crisis Intervention Training

Facilitate the implementation of Crisis Intervention Training for Police Departments within the County to ensure individuals with behavioral health and substance abuse issues are diverted to receive appropriate treatment and service.